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Dave of Clinton in September 2015 with his bear that dressed out at 214lb.

Kirk of Laingsburg in September 2014 with his 350 lb, 19 3/4" green skull bear shot in the UP. He said his bears loved the granola and banana mix.


Scott of Caro with his bear in 2014. It dressed out at 245 lb.


2014 bear picture texted by one of our customers.


Jim's boar, from September 2013 in the U.P., really liked the Peach stuff.


Robert's bear from 2013 with a live weight just over 200lb.

261 lb. boar shot on Sept. 21 2012.

Bear from 2012.

Scott of Caro with his first bear, shot near Ontonagon and weighing 200 lb. He baited for two weeks prior to his hunt and had numerous hits. He said that they loved the maple icing.


Sherry of Glennie with her first bear, taken with her bow at 22 yards and weighing 207 lb. dressed. It was a double lung shot and the bear ran for 80 yards. Her bear loved the Orange Creme and the granola, but they ate everything they put out.

Chris with his bear, a sow weighing around 175. Baited once a week for four weeks leading up to the hunt using maple icing, granola, peach syrup and cherry vanilla syrup from us. Also used popcorn and bread. They mixed everything together except for the peach which was poured on the logs over the bait. Fryer grease and liquid smoke were also used for scents.