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We carry an assortment of sweets for your bear feeding and baiting needs. Our goal is to provide you with great customer service and we will work with you to find the bait products that will get the job done. Please call us with any questions you may have about the items we carry.

The following list of the products we carry will be kept up-to-date. Things will be added as we get them in and removed as they sell out. Some items are very limited so shop early for the best selection.

If you have any pictures of your successful bear hunt or information on what you have used from us in the past that has worked well please e-mail me.



Licorice Blocks and Pieces (Boxes vary in weights and flavors)

$6.50 per 25-30 lb box                   $12.00 per 51-55 lb box

$7.75 per 31-35 lb box                   $13.00 per 56-60 lb box

$9.00 per 36-40 lb box                   $14.00 per 61-65 lb box

$10.00 per 41-45 lb box                 $15.00 per 66-70 lb box

$11.00 per 46-50 lb box

Boxed Bags of Fruit Syrup (45-50 lb.)

*Due to not knowing all flavors, not all are listed. Some are very limited.*

Berry Flavors... $11.00

Vanilla, Peach, Banana Cream.... $10.00

Pineapple, Key Lime, Coconut, Lemon, Mango.... $7.00

Free Flowing Granola

***Is different than the kind we have had in years past, but still dry and easy to work with. It contains nuts and dried fruit along with the rolled oats.***

We got another load of granola in on July 30 so we should not run out during season.

Tote Boxes $0.26/lb We have a floor scale to weigh these. 1000-1300 lb. each.

40 lb Bags $12.00

Big Bear Scents 32 oz. Bottle

$19.00 Assorted scents

Tote Box White Icing

$250.00 per tote. We have one of these left, it is a thin Icing. 2800 lb.

55 Gallon Barrel

Sticky Bun Smear $125.00 (500 lb)

Gloss Icing $110.00 (600 lb)

German Choc. $90.00

Apple $80.00 (400 lb)

Peach Filling $80.00

4-5 Gallon Pails

Caramel $11.00

Vanilla Dip Icing $11.00

Star Glaze $9.00

Vanilla Fluff $7.00

White Icing Base $4.00

2 Gallon Pails

Maple $7.00

Cream Cheese Icing $5.00

German Chocolate Icing $5.00

Cappuccino Favor $3.00

Pineapple $4.00

Poppy Filling $3.00

1 Gallon Pails

Orange Icing $1.25 or 5/$5.00

Boxed Bag

Caramel Fudge Icing $13.00 (55 lb)

Fondant Icing Dough $9.00 (50 lb)

Lemon Frosting $6.00 (32 lb)

Cases of Product

Crerry Kremekote Cans $8.00 (6 X 6.6 lb in cs.)

Donut Glaze $7.00 (4 x 10 lb in cs.)

Orange Fruit Icing Jars $7.00 (6 X 6 lb in cs.)

Pineapple Filling $5.00 (12 x 2 lb)

Lemon $5.00 (12 x 2 lb in cs.)


Please note: All product is sold by the unit. Volume amounts may not be accurate. Prices are subject to change without notice. Product price includes the container it is in.